Thursday, December 26, 2013

Awesome animals

Just love those NBT (National Book Trust of India) and CBT (Children Book Trust) publications. Many of the children books have been prepared by eminent artists and each in a different manner. The emphasis has been given more to the pictorial part to educate the children in a true manner. However, most of these books are of pre-discovery channel era when many of the children were not knowing most wild animals.
Have a look upon this book 'Animal World' by Aurobindo Kundu. It's in 2 color printing with lovely prints of various animals, 12 to be specific.

The animals have been introduced in a single line with rhyming word. e.g.: The mighty LION Lord of the jungle, And the fleet-footed DEER Hears him rumble.

The one-horn RHINO walks with a thud


The friendly DONKEY Loves to bray.. 

And here is HIPPO! He's in water all day.

This is the cutest one. The brave WILD BOAR Is a fearless one..

How lovely this elephant is! It says, "But now the ELEPHANT Trumpets his mood.

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