Friday, December 27, 2013

Lancelot, the lovely lion

Lancelot is a charming baby lion who is unhappy, as he can't roar and purr. He lives in the zoo of Mr. Zipp. It's a lovely tale by Marjorie Barrows. But the most attractive part of this pocket size squarish book is its illustrations by Jean Tamburine.
Some of the illustrations are in two color whereas the others are in multi color. This book seems to be of circa 1963. It has a simple story where lion cub gets its first roar in an emergency in the zoo. All the animals in the zoo live happily and play with one another. Fusby, the mouse and Lancelot are friends. Lancelot once, while playing with a bone tosses it to fall it into kangaroo's pocket which he refuses to return saying, 'Finders Keepers!'
Fusby with a matchstick sets a fire and soon Lancelot's bed catches it.
It's then Lancelot makes its first roar to wake up Mr. Zipp who rushes to the spot and puts off the fire. He then takes out all the animals to have a picnic till the visitors begin to arrive. Pleased with Lancelot's gesture, Mr. Zipp put a pasteboard crown oh its head.
This is the story in brief.
But the illustrations are great, indeed.
This is the hero of the story. Lancelot.

The zoo of Mr. Zipp where all the animals live in a playful manner.

When there is fire in the zoo, Mr. Zipp rushes on the bicycle with a bucket of water on hearing the roar of Lancelot.

And this is the first ever roar of Lancelot.

Imagine a Lion cub putting on a polka dot bow on its tail. Lancelot is honored with a pasteboard crown.

This end cover is the most attractive part of the book. How colorful and indicative it is! The animals are shown with their babies. They play, they love! 

The curiosity to know regarding the other works of artist Jean Tamburine led to various illustrations made by her. 

MILKMAN BILL, Vintage Rand McNally Junior Elf Book, by Jessica Potter Broderick, illustrated by Jean Tamburine, 1960

And here is the artist herself. 
Jean Tamburine 

(Note: Last 3 images from net.) 

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