Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hate with humor

When are the jokes born? Do they ever born? Are they eternal? Or do they find new meanings with each age? Who actually creates joke? Why most of the people starts telling a joke, as if s/he is telling it for the first time or as if s/he has created it? Who actually owns a joke? 
Several questions are there. But no answer to these questions is satisfactory. 
Take this joke book named 'The I hate New York Joke Book', edited by Gerald Gardner, published in 1982. In the introduction of this book, the compiler writes about New York: "The city that never sleeps. Because it's afraid someone will steal the TV set." 
This book contains various sections with lovely illustrations in some of the jokes. It has has one liners. The compiler hates the Manhattan, the Transportation, the Central park, the Madison Avenue, the Broadway, the Wall Street, the restaurants, the hospitals and doctors, the call girls, the high rises and what not! 
Here are some reasons to share so that we, too can love to hate New York. In this post, the descriptive jokes are not included. Try to apply this to the city where you reside or you know very well. 

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  • The owner of a Second Avenue restaurant was asked why he didn't provide a parking lot for this customers. "If I had a parking lot," he said, "I wouldn't need a restaurant." (From 'I hate The restaurants') 
  • There is so much executive shuffling at the big banks, they're lettering names on executive doors in chalk. (From 'I hate The stores') 
  • Public Service Television in New York is very stimulating. At 8.00 PM you can watch William F. Buckley, and at 9.00 you can take lessons in a foreign language to find out what he was talking about. (From 'I hate TV business') 
  • Overheard in a Yonkers bar: "My wife is an hour late. She's either been kidnapped, hit by a truck or she's shopping. Gee, I hope she isn't shopping." (From 'I hate The suburbs') 
  • In Little Italy there are seventeen Catholic churches where Bingo is played. It is reported that they call out the numbers in Latin, so the Protestants can't win. (From 'I hate The melting pot') 
  • The New York board of Alcoholic Anonymous had this advice for drinkers: "If you get in your car and can't find the steering wheel, chances are you're in back seat. (From 'I hate drunks & winos') 
  • Pity the poor women's fashion designer. First it was tight pants to make them look like boys. Then it ws see-through blouses to prove they'r not. (From 'I hate The garment center') 
  • A Wall Street broker went to a cardiologist and came away extremely worried. The doctor said his heart was as sound as a dollar. (From 'I hate Wall Street')
  • If they can't clean up the water in the Hudson, they could at least put some scotch in it. (From 'I hate Manhattan') 

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