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Meghdoot conveys the message of a paper company (2)

And here is the second part i.e. remaining pages of the unique diary on the theme of 'Meghdoot'. These six pages are from the Uttar Megh i.e. second part of Meghdoot. 

July is approximately when the month of Ashadha comes as per the Vikram Samvat. 
The July page separator says: " Ladies of Alka
A fluttering lotus in hand, fresh Kunda blossoms wreathing the hair and the face beaming with the pollen of the Lodhra flowers." Meghduta.Uttara.2 

Written on the page of August is: "Trail of Abhisarika
The Mandara flowers falling from the hair and the golden lotuses slipping down with their petals shattered tell the trail of the tryst." Meghaduta, Uttara.11

 The page for the month of September has this writing : "Yaksha's Abode
There to the North of Kubera's palace stands our dwelling recognisable from afar by the arched gate lovely like a rain-bow." Meghaduta, Uttara.15

 Now, after showing his own abode to the cloud, the messanger, the Yaksha describes his beloved. It is on the page of October: "Yaksha's beloved
Slim and youthful, possessing pointed teeth, ripe Bimba-like lower-lip, slender waist, eyes like those of a frightened deer, a deep naval...." Meghaduta, Uttara.22 

 So what is the message after all? What the cloud has to convey? The November page: "Diversion of Yaksha's wife
You will perceive her as engaged in asking the encaged, sweet-voiced Sarika: "O sensitive one, do you call to remembrance your master?- for you certainly were his favourite." Meghaduta, Uttara.25 

 The last page of December has this shloka on it: "Steadfast faith
You will find her reckoning the remaining months of the period of separation by arranging on the ground the flowers placed on the threshold." Meghaduta, Uttara. 27

All the pages put here were the separator pages for each month which were handmade papers. Here is the page for daily usage which has beautiful line drawing of the Yaksha. All the pages of this old diary of 1965 are blank. How one could write his/her appointments on such a beautiful diary?

And finally, here is the cover page of the diary. This diary was prepared by 'Chimanlal & Co.'  which was situated at Macmilan Building, Dadabhoy Naoroji Road, Bombay-1. 

Out of curiosity, whether this company still exists or not, its name was googled. And surprisingly found the website of this company. In About us , they say:

"In the late fifties, when paper was all about plain white sheets of papyrus, Chimanlals rolled out an exclusive range of paper products that defied set norms of both raw materials and colour and designs.

Inspired from the myriad of traditional (ikkat, bandhani, ghumar, patola, warli,....) as well as contemporary constituents of Indian culture, Chimanlals rewrote history in paper, for paper and about paper. 
The objective was crystal clear: in pursuit of design - traditional and contemporary, to achieve excellence in quality and make paper a way of life. In a nutshell - bringing Paper Culture into every day life.

Bearing this in mind the product range is utility-oriented and designed for the general consumer - social stationery items like designed letter papers, with coordinated envelopes, gift covers, gift wrappers, bags, boxes, collapsible baskets, desk organisers, etc.; office stationery like collapsible magazine racks, pencil holders, etc.; as well as a retail outlet for handmade paper, manufactured in different parts of India."  

More can be read at this link:
Must say, this site is very pleasant looking and aesthetically designed, hence worth visiting.  
Never thought this 48 years old diary would lead to the present state of the company. 
One more thing, This 1965 diary had been presented by Chimanlal P. Shah. Would the presenter be the same- owner of the company itself or some another one? Heaven knows. 

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