Friday, December 6, 2013

The terrible trip

" How was your trip? Did you enjoy it? Were you able to visit the places you had planned? You must have also got enough time for shopping, too." These are the questions commonly asked when we return from a trip. Smilingly we say, "Oh boy! That was a fantastic trip. The most memorable one! Missed you a lot." The one who asks the questions feels better when he hear that he was missed. Had he known the fact how badly he was missed! Here is the honest answer of "Did you enjoy your trip?" 
This is a 'PUNCH' feature. 

Just observe how the outfit of the couple changes while remembering everyone. 

And now instead of their outfit, their shapes starts changing. 

Their heads began to sink.

Their legs start bending.

And they are not able to stand on their own at last. 

Here they are difficult to recognize. The financial burden has made them bent and they are hardly able to walk. With a heavy heart, they resolve, "Of course, Next Time we really must............"

But does 'NEXT TIME' ever come? After each trip, such a resolution is made and is forgotten before the next trip.

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