Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pleasure and Perils of Parenthood:

"We are blessed with a baby boy/girl." Such types of cards were prevalent in the pre-facebook era. Now this message is displayed as a 'status' along with the photo of the new born along with the parents. The proud parents! It's a different issue altogether if the parents are proud or poor. If it's a very first baby, the parents grow up along with the baby. In this way, the age as the parents can be considered same as that of the baby. The problem is a baby grasps things much faster and quicker and hence grows faster.
But why this take on parenthood?
Here is a book that shows 'The Perils of Parenthood.' It's a lovely illustrated and cute book, like a baby. It's illustrated and narrated by Colin Whittock and published by Century, London. The jacket of the book says it all about the book. No matter you are a parent or not, you are going to enjoy it thoroughly.

The book begins with a section 'Why do we have a children?' Just have a glimpse on few of the answers of this question.

Then the baby arrives. This section is named 'Baby Blues'.

The baby starts growing up. It is 'Toddling along.'

Then comes schooling. 'Early schooling'.

And the baby enters teen. What else can be the title other than 'Teenage Terrors?'

Now the teen becomes adult and it's time for 'Leaving the Nest.'

They get engaged with somebody. It's 'Love walked Right In.'

They marry in one way or the other. And after the marriage, the cycle begins once again, as they are going to become parents.

This is the cycle of most of human beings. From children to having children to having children to children. Socially it can be side as the journey from children to become parents to grandparents.

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