Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lovely Landscapes

 " Some travellers have described India as a land of princes and palaces, of elephants, snakes and tigers. Admittedly, it has all these things, but they constitute only a part of the big picture that is India. The real India comprises broad fields, innumerable villages and many cities with well-equipped factories and buildings and the amenities of modern life."
Well, What is new in this, perhaps you will think. This was written in 1960 in a book published by the publications division, Government Of India in the introduction of the country.
Here are some lovely landscapes representing the geographical diversity of India. The name of the photographers are not given. The photolines are from the book only. More things from the book later.

A view of the beautiful valley of Kangra, close to Kulu 

The Bay of Bengal 

The Western Ghats 

Jog Waterfalls, Mysore State 

Mount Kanchanjunga, the second highest in the world 

Mount Everest, highest peak in the world,
photographed by the Indian Air Force.
The peak was conquered in 1953. 
A view of vast Gangatic plain which stretches between
the Himalayas and the Vindhyas

The Nagin Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir 

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