Friday, December 20, 2013

The Russian art

Many of those who are in their '40s would be familiar with charm of the Russian books. Elegant production, full of attractive drawings and paintings with less text, and bigger types. (The word 'font' was unknown then.)
Just happen to find a book which may not sound much useful now a days due to internet and various TV channels like Discovery, Nat Geo and likewise. But it is always a visual pleasure to flip through the pages of this book named 'How do they live?' Total nine animals have been introduced in brief in this book. Just a basic information has been given in maximum 10 lines. But the most attractive part is the picture of the animal. It's not a photograph. It's a drawing/painting by the author himself. 
First of all, enjoy the superb drawings. 

The Hare 

The Wolf 

The Bear 

The Zebra 

The Camel 

The Lion 

The Tiger 

Cover of the book 

The drawings are made so beautifully mostly with water colors and pen. Never cared to know the name of the author. But as the coves shows, it is Y. Charushin. Heard of him? Probably not. But we should forget that this is the age of Google. A whole wiki page was found on it. There were two more of his drawings available.

   Illustration EI Charushina from his book                      Иллюстрация Е. И. Чарушина из его книги

Especially, this excerpt from the wiki page is more interesting.
"He would be best known for his stories and illustrations of animals. In an essay, he wrote about his work for the magazine, "Children's Literature" in 1935. Charushin stated that "More than anything else, I love to depict young animals touching in their helplessness and interesting, because within them one can already see signs of the full-grown beasts."
More can be read here.

So, it happens sometime that we feel proud for the possession we have not while actually using it, but after years when we just take it up and search for it and know the value of it.

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